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Sailfish Marlin
Quick Stats
Season Year Round
Size 2-3 ft
Weight 10-40 lbs.
FL Record 81lbs – Lantana

One of our favorite fish to target. A quality fight and spectacular leaping ability make hooking up with a Dolphin a thrill for everyone on the boat. Check out our blog post “We Know Where The Dolphin Hang” recounting a hugely successful day fishing Mahi.

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Coryphaena hippurus

Also known as Mahi-Mahi these gorgeous fish are popular for sport fishing as well as commercial fishing in the Florida Keys. Capable of flashing a wide range of colors Mahi-Mahi are typically bright greenish-blue on the back with yellow on sides and sometimes speckled with blue or yellow. The body tapers sharply from head to tail with a single dark dorsal fin extending from above the eye all the way to the tail.


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