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Dolphin Barracuda
Quick Stats
Season April – July
Size Up to 16 ft
Weight Up to 1600 lbs
FL Record 1046 lbs – Panama City

Oh man what a thrill to hook up a blue marlin! The pinnacle of deep sea fishing, these true sea-monsters will give you a story to tell no matter what.

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Product Description

Blue Marlin

Makaira Nigricans

The holy grail for sport fishers due to the amazing fight, rarity and sheer size. The largest trophy billfish and one of the largest fish in the world in fact. You’ll find Blue Marlin throughout tropical and subtropical waters. Spend most of their time far out at sea and makes seasonal migrations. The largest females can be four times as large as the largest males and can reach up to 16ft in length.

Appearance: Cobolt blue coloring on top with a white or silver underbelly. Two dorsal fins and signature elongated upper jaw spear.


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