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Marlin Grouper
Quick Stats
Season Year Round
Size 25″ – 40″ Average
Weight 5lb – 20lbs
FL Record 67 lbs – Isalmadora

We love catching Barracuda! They will aggressively attack bait, live or lure. Anglers hooking up with a barracuda is in for a fight that is well worth the effort.

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Product Description

Great Barracuda

Sphyraena barracuda

A slender, streamlined grey body shading to a lighter belly sometime called the “Tiger Of The Sea”. The lower jaw protrudes past upper jaw with prominent sharp teeth. Tail color is dark with white tips. Not suitable for eating and can be poisonous in some instances. Despite that Barracuda is one of the most sought-after sportfish in the Florida Keys due to it’s wide range, fight and aerial acrobatics.

You can find Great Barracuda throughout the world in near-shore tropical and subtropical waters, especially up and down the western Atlantic.

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